Inside Looking Out: Rock and Roll stories from inside the British music business


Over ten years have been spent interviewing all sorts of wonderful players across the spectrum of the British music business. So if you have an interest in the first-hand stories behind the music and the musicians, then this is the book for you.
It contains many of the backroom people talking candidly about their work with musicians as well as musicians reflecting on their careers, their many successes and triumphs, plus the occasional minor mistake. Following on from the well received ‘Over, Under, Sideways, Down’ this second volume of stories and anecdotes casts further light on the likes of Queen, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens, Dire Straits and the Stone Roses whilst also telling tales about huge industry characters like music publisher Bryan Morrison and the self-styled godfather Don Arden.
You can learn what Morrissey did that helped break Five Star, how Chris Blackwell founded Island Records or how Gary Numan helped establish the label where Adele has prospered, how the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ video broke new ground and budgets, and maybe even learn something new about legendary producer Joe Meek.

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