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LFO are one of the most influential dance acts to come out of the UK. Signed to Warp over two decades ago on the strength of a few scrappy demos, their sound is still as fresh today as it was in warehouse parties of the early nineties. Frequencies has influenced multiple producers, DJs and bands throughout the years, and the original album charted worldwide and gained Top 40 placement in the UK. It includes the cult dance floor filler ”LFO,” which achieved a number twelve chart position in the UK. LFO originally released Frequencies in 1991, an album that not only plays a crucial part in Warp’s history – but also represents a pivotal moment for the British rave movement. To celebrate twenty years since its original release we have re-cut the record with Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin and it will now be released as a loudcut double vinyl for the first time, including ”Groovy Distortion” and ”Track 14,” which were previously unavailable on the vinyl version of the album. The CD version of the album will also be made available in the US for the first time in over a decade.

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